First Sunday Run

Our first Sunday with the new equipment went much better than I could have hoped for. No major technical issues or glitches. The only thing I forgot was to start the recording of the night sermon, mostly because it is not a habit for me yet. Dale was kind enough to put a label right under the screen reminding us to start the recording.

Now currently we handle the recording on the board itself. It records a wav file directly to a USB stick plugged into the top. Our policy with this is you record the sermons and Tammi will grab them Tuesday, offload the file and return the empty stick.

Now there is one limitation and I don’t see it as being an issue unless pastor gets carried away: the recording limit is 3 hours. No big deal. Just keep it in mind.

I hope the rest of the cables show up today so I can finish installing the line mixer. Also I will be preparing for Face Down Worship Project on Friday which will really test the limits of our new system. 

Thanks guys,



One thought on “First Sunday Run

  1. Thanks for update Matt. Thanks for all the hard work and hours you have been putting in. Thanks also to Emerson who worked along side of you. I love the GCC Tech Team Home page picture.

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