Behringer X32

Well folks, it has arrived. If you have not been up in the sound booth since Tuesday this past week, you will be in a world of surprises. Wednesday morning a very large box arrived at church containing the very amazing Behringer X32 digital mixing console.


This little friend is almost half the size of the old A&H board, and is way way more powerful. Just this morning I mixed the full Face Down Worship Project Band and they sounded amazing.

Before we were able to install this new board we first had to remove the old one, and trace and organize 15+ years worth of cable. Well needless to say we made a huge mess, but we are not done yet, once all the said and done it will be nice and organized.

Here is Emerson helping me out with the cables.

I am still waiting on some cables from Amazon this week, but we are up and running. Besides the new board we also made some other improvements, one being Dale mounted a 32 channel patch bay on the underside of the desk.


This is basically a direct extension of the 32 inputs on the back of the X32. The intention is that you will not have to climb around the back of the board anymore in order to change channels coming in from the stage, into the board. Like I said it is still a mess but in the coming weeks I will work with Dale to make it pretty and organized.

The second improvement is we installed a Behringer Line Level Mixer in the rack space.


This allows us to run all of our booth audio sources being: iPod dock, computer, DVD, CD, CD recorder and Guest Computer all through one stereo input on the X32 saving valuable channels. This also allows you to take a split track from any source and just use the track side. Before you could only do this from a CD. Now the iPod or computer can be loaded with the choir tracks and played back properly.

One of the biggest things is we eliminated several items out of the rack space. We went from this:


To at the moment this:

(Unfinished product mind you)

The Graphic EQs for the house and monitors are now run through built in effects on the X32 along with the reverb unit.

Now there will be a learning curve with this, and we are basically starting from scratch with this board, but I have to tell you that we already sound light years ahead of where we were with the old board. I also went through and readjusted all the amps, because this board was giving us way more output power than the old one ever thought about.

Not only will I walk everyone through what they need to know on Sunday’s, but I also plan on putting together training videos.

Now I know some of you will be sad, but no more tape on the board. The channels have this really cool thing called the scribble strips. You can program the name, icon and color code it for easy identification of the channel:


Pretty awesome.

Well we have a lot to learn, but it will be amazing in the long run.


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